We help brands to design, create and sell virtual
clothing and collectible NFTs at the forefront of the
digital fashion revolution.


At republiqe our philosophy is that every fashion brand with a real-world physical presence needs to also have a virtual metaverse offering.  

We believe that republiqe are the company best placed to take brands on a digital journey and help in creating cutting edge virtual 3d garments, products and engaging consumer experiences that ensure brands are metaverse ready and at the forefront of the new web 3.0 era.

Digital Design: We work with physical brands to help create unique digital 3d garments and products, incorporating elements and effects that cannot be replicated.

NFT Experiences: Our NFT services cover everything from strategic planning and guidance through to NFT design and creation, right through to auction and ongoing sales, ensuring immediate and secondary income streams.

Virtual Fittings: Utilising our virtual tailoring application we can dress both avatars and real people at scale, as the touch of a button. Enabling brands to cut hefty costs associated with photo shoots and sending product to influencers.

Avatar Design: In addition to creating beautiful 3d garments and products we also work with brands to sculpt bespoke digital avatars and models.

Virtual Commerce: Through partnerships with gaming and virtual platforms republiqe can assist brands in becoming truly virtual and offering end consumers an experience like no other.

Virtual Space Design: Working with partnership in the Metaverse and Game spaces we can create truly engaging experience on any platform. Let your imagination run wild as we create a virtual space like no other!

For more information on our brand services, virtual fashion, NFTs and how we can transport you into the Metaverse, feel free to reach out to us at hello@republiqe.co or fill out the form below

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