Let us make you look as awesome as we know you are!

In order to get the best results with your new digital outfit we have pulled together a quick guide on ensuring you provide us with the best possible photo!

Step 1

Digital all the way

We know that polaroid's are making a bit of a comeback but its best to upload a digital image, even one taken on a decent mobile phone can work well!

Step 2

Four corners

If you are planning on using your new image for the ‘gram make sure to upload a square image or one with plenty of room for cropping, we want to make sure we can fit everything in!

Step 3

It's all about quality

Make sure your photo is excellent quality and not blurry, so keep your hands steady when taking the pic!

Step 4

Light it up baby

Try to take a photo that is in good lighting, we want you to look as good as possible in your new outfit so no dark corners!

Step 5

Dress to impress

Remember to wear as little amount of clothing as possible, or at very least clothing that is skin tight, as you can imagine fitting a virtual T-shirt when you are wearing a full-length jacket is just not gonna work!

Step 6

Strike a pose

We can fit virtual garments to any pose but in our experience standing and face on to the camera always works best, although try not to look too rigid!

Step 7

It's all about you

Make sure you aren’t obstructed by other people, animals or small children. We want you to be the star of the show in your gorgeous new digital garment!

Step 8

Hair and makeup

We’ll leave that to you! We find hair that is up always looks much better as it doesn’t hide the outfit, as for makeup, we’ll leave you to match something for your new digital garment, its all about coordination!

Step 9

Snap away

And don’t forget to smile, as much as we’d love to, we can’t offer refunds because you forget to smile!

Step 10

Leave the rest to us

The next bit is easy, find your perfect garment on our site, upload your photo and once payment is made, we’ll do the rest!

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